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CNC gantry machining center



1. function and characteristics description

CNC gantry machining center is a machine processing equipment integrating advanced technology such as machine, electricity and liquid, which is mainly used for the processing of plane, surface and hole. It is widely used in rough and finishing machining of various kinds of complex parts such as plate, box, frame and so on in the mechanical manufacturing industry. The machine tool can realize the three-axis linkage between vertical milling head transverse (Y-axis), vertical motion (Z-axis) and vertical movement (x-axis) of the workbench. It can be used for milling, boring, drilling, rigid tapping, reaming, spot facer and other processes. The whole machine adopts gantry frame structure, high rigidity and good precision retention, which is the preferred equipment for user processing.

1.2 overall layout of machine tool

The fixed beam gantry frame structure is adopted, the bed is fixed, and the layout form of bolt connection is adopted for the double column and bed body. The table moves X-axis on the bed, the spindle box moves Z-direction on the saddle, and the saddle and the spindle box move in Y direction on the beam.

The main parts of the machine tool: the bed, column, beam, saddle and spindle box are all made of high-strength cast iron. These large parts are optimized by 3D computer software. The arrangement of reinforcement plate is reasonable, and the heat treatment process is perfect to eliminate residual stress and ensure the whole machine has enough strength, rigidity and high stability.

1.3 bed - table

(1) The bed is made of high strength cast iron, and the computer-aided optimization design is used to improve the rigidity and strength of the reinforced plate.

(2) X-axis guide rail pair adopts heavy linear guide rail, which has small dynamic and static friction coefficient, high sensitivity of workbench, small high-speed vibration, low speed and no crawling, high positioning accuracy, excellent servo drive performance: high bearing capacity and good cutting vibration resistance.

(3) X-axis drive - servo motor is connected with ball screw after the speed reduction of planetary reducer, which drives the workbench to move forward and backward on the bed, realizes X-axis feeding movement, and pre stretch the screw to improve the rigidity of screw pair.

1.4 beam

(1) The beam and column are integrated into a gantry frame structure, which adopts high-strength cast iron material, and the reinforcement plate is arranged reasonably, and has enough bending rigidity and torsional rigidity.

(2) The beam guide rail pair adopts heavy linear guide rail.

(3) Y-axis drive - servo motor is directly connected with ball screw through coupling, and ball screw drives sliding saddle to move left and right on beam to realize Y-axis feeding movement.

1.5 main axle box

(1) The spindle box adopts heavy linear guide rail, which has high rigidity, high positioning accuracy and good low speed stability.

(2) Z-axis drive - servo motor is directly connected with ball screw through coupling, and ball screw drives spindle box to move up and down on the saddle to realize z-axis feed. Z-axis motor has automatic lock locking function. In case of power failure, the motor shaft is locked tightly so that it can not be turned.

(3) The spindle group is produced by Taiwan professional factory, with high precision and high performance. The main shaft grab knife is applied to the pull screw of the handle by the tension force of butterfly spring on the spindle, and the loose knife adopts the pneumatic mode.

1.6 pneumatic system

Used for spindle loosening tool.

1.7 machine tool protection

The bed guide rail (x-axis) adopts stainless steel expansion protective cover;

The beam guide rail (Y-axis) adopts flexible organ type protective cover;

1.8 lubrication

(1) The X, y and Z three-axis bearings are all grease lubricated.

(2) The X, y and Z three axis guide rails are all lubricated by oil.

(3) X, y and Z three-axis ball screw pairs are all lubricated by oil.

1.9 CNC system

The NC system is equipped with the control system and drive of fanaco, which has complete functions and easy operation. The standard RS-232 communication interface, USB connector and related software are provided.

1.10 special configuration

1. The machine tool is protected by semi closed seal.

2. The main shaft center is discharged.

3. 24 manipulator magazine.


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