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Huadian CNC Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Hebei Huadian CNC Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has industry-leading imported precision CNC Longmen rail grinding, machining center and other advanced processing equipment more than 70 Taiwan; instrument, dynamic balancing instrument, surface roughness instrument and various precision testing instruments 23 level laser interference detection, processing equipment in the industry first-class. 
Production workshop
"Industry cooperation, technology innovation is the source" is my company and the college project cooperation purpose, successively with the Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hebei University and other institutions to carry out school enterprise cooperation, through joint development, provide technical support for the important intellectual product innovation of enterprises.
Foreign customers
Foreign customers
The company's products have CNC lathe three, CNC lathe, CNC double side car machine, fire hydrant, machine tools, CNC porous drill, CNC machining center, NC drilling machines, industrial robots, CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, CNC valve combination machine bed, intelligent processing lines and other more than and 10 varieties, more than and 60 series 100, 
Leading Care
Leading Care
various types of products, best-selling domestic and exported to Russia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Huadian CNC to "create an international brand" as the goal. 
Adhering to the "technology first, talent column, quality, service" business principles, with strong R & D capabilities, comprehensive for CNC equipment manufacturing industry in the world and production in various fields with advanced technology, excellent quality.


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