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18 years' professional manufacturer of special-purpose CNC machine tools for valves and pipes

Valve body automatic machining line

HDMT's automatic machining line for valve body, combined by HDMT's special purpose machines for turning/milling/drilling and robots for loading and unloading, suitable for gate valve, globe valve and etc. 


High efficiency machining of valve body

HDMT's special purpose machines are mainly used in processing of valve body, pump body, pipe fittings etc. It can work for many procedures,for example, outer circle, front edge, inner hole, groove, screw thread, bore-hole and sphere. It works with CNC Controller, can realize automation, high precision, multi variety and mass production.

Multiple drilling machine for valve body

HDMT's multiple drilling and tapping machine is used for the drilling of valve flange , instead of drilling one by one, this machine could drill and tap all the flange holes at the same time, it means in the same period, you can process one valve body in traditional way or process tens valve bodies in our machine.

Special purpose CNC machine for butterfly valve

This machinie is mainly used for machining of butterfly valve. The processes include turning&multiple drilling of the top flange, drilling&boring&reaming of the stem hole, the cycle time is 1 minute and 30 seconds. It can also offer other functions according to your requirements, quipped with HDMT or GSK CNC controller, efficient and precise.

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18 years' professional manufacturer of special-purpose CNC machine tools for valves and pipes

About us

Huadian CNC Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997, cover an area of 160000㎡, has more than 160 employees. The main products are special purpose CNC machine tools used for valves, pipes, pumps and auto parts. Our brand "HDMT" has been well known by customers from more than 50 countries or districts, such as the US, Russia, Macedonia, Egypt, Iran, India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on.

Huadian CNC Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Has industry-leading imported precision CNC Longmen rail grinding, machining center and other advanced processing equipment more than 70 Taiwan; instrument, dynamic balancing instrument, surface roughness instrument and various precision testing instruments 23 level laser interference detection, processing equipment in the industry first-class. 
"Industry cooperation, technology innovation is the source" is my company and the college project cooperation purpose, successively with the Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hebei University and other institutions to carry out school enterprise cooperation, through joint development, provide technical support for the important intellectual product innovation of enterprises.
The company's products have CNC lathe three, CNC lathe, CNC double side car machine, fire hydrant, machine tools, CNC porous drill, CNC machining center, NC drilling machines, industrial robots, CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools, CNC valve combination machine bed, intelligent processing lines and other more than and 10 varieties, more than and 60 series 100, various types of products, best-selling domestic and exported to Russia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, the Middle East and other countries and regions. 
Huadian CNC to "create an international brand" as the goal. Adhering to the "technology first, talent column, quality, service" business principles, with strong R & D capabilities, comprehensive for CNC equipment manufacturing industry in the world and production in various fields with advanced technology, excellent quality.

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18 years' professional manufacturer of special-purpose CNC machine tools for valves and pipes
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